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Not sure if it was a synthetic but the technician said it was recommended for all cars with over 75k miles.

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We drive the snot out of the truck, 2008 Silverado pushing 300,000 miles.I got a High-Mileage Oil Change at Sears (10W-30) with conventional oil.

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High Mileage oil - at a 100k mile should I start using synthetic High mileage oil on my 2003 Odyssey and 2005 Accord LX.I have no idea, but with the results I have seen I will take the chance that it wont.

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This is a synthetic blend high mileage motor oil that understands the needs of your old engine.

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Once your odometer hits 75,000 miles, your car is considered a high mileage vehicle.In fact, Castrol EDGE High Mileage is a synthetic oil designed specifically for high-mileage cars.This seemed to go against the traditional wisdom that when engines got older and the number of kilometers began getting up past 75,000 or even 100,000 km, that it was then time to switch to a thicker motor oil.Check with a mechanic before using a high-mileage motor oil, because some older model vehicles work best when using a regular synthetic motor oil.Mobil Super Synthetic is designed to help provide long engine life and outstanding protection in vehicles of all ages, outperforming our conventional-synthetic blended products.May 8, 2017 - High mileage oils are often a blend of synthetic and petroleum-based oils, and they typically cost at least a couple of dollars more per quart than conventional oils.I drive an older toyota and the last time I took it in for an oil change they recommended a new oil called maxlife (Valoline).

High mileage engines often lose compression, the gaskets become brittle, the rings wear and valves do not seal as tightly.

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Pennzoil High Mileage motor oil from the maker of the leading motor oil in America, an advanced proprietary conventional formula with Active Cleansing Agents.Some blends of synthetic oil are designed specifically to increase the performance and life of high-mileage cars.Synthetic oil would be beneficial in those engines, as it is less likely to form troublesome sludge.Order Motor Oil - Full Synthetic High Mileage for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions.

Watch Pennzoil mechanical engineer, Shanna Simmons, explain the common threats high mileage engines face and.

In addition to providing more anti-wear film, Valvoline Full Synthetic High Mileage oil is proven to excel in numerous categories, including reduced fuel consumption, emissions systems compatibility, and suitability for all model years.A 5W-30 High mileage oil will typically be in the upper range of viscosity allowed for a 5W-30 instead of the middle.MaxLife supposedly combats problems such as increased oil consumption, reduced fuel economy, decreased performance and more rapid oil breakdown.If the vehicle is in good running condition with minimal leaks, running a synthetic oil will not harm anything at all.

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Newer vehicles require synthetic oil and it is best to stick with that.Both Honda and Ford supply a blend made by Conoco I have a feeling they are the same, either way all Ford products get bulk Motorcraft blend.It will give you all of the benefits of a synthetic plus it has seal conditioners to help prevent high mileage leaks.

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In high-mileage motor oils the viscosity is thinner in order to contribute to fuel efficiency.